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Are Your Yoga Pants Too Revealing?

Yoga pants have become one of the hypes when it comes to the fashion world over the last few years. It could have to do with the countless images of famous celebrities seen wearing yoga pants that are super tight. Regardless of the reasons, yoga pants have become an important part of many women’s daily lives.


For this reason, it is important to consider what is good and what is not when you wear your own yoga pants. It is also important to be realistic about the fact that these types of pants may look outstanding on Miranda Kerr but it shouldn’t mean that everyone should be wearing them with such confidence.


When determining whether yoga pants are too revealing, they should be compared to most of the other types of fashion items. There are a couple of unwritten rules which should apply to yoga pants. Here are a few tips to make sure you are wearing your yoga pants with confidence.


1. Check For Holes Or Transparency


Before you leave home, check to see if your yoga pants are see-through. You should also ensure that you cannot see what your underwear looks like underneath. For example, if you wear yoga pants that are white, your underwear should be that color. At the same time, before you buy or wear your yoga pants, you need to check for holes around the area of the crotch. This is really important if you wear black pants and the underwear you are wearing is not, or even worse when you are not wearing any underwear.


2. Avoid The Muffin Top


It is crucial to make sure that your choice in pants is never too tight. If you choose a pair that has a waistband that cuts into your waist, it will result in a muffin-top. There are many yoga pants to choose from that come with broader waistbands that will prevent this common problem. Some of the popular choices for less than perfect waistlines are the high waistbands which cover your belly and will actually flatter your figure. These are the best yoga pants to hide cellulite


3. Wear A Thong


This is a tip that applies more to the people that prefer yoga pants that are tight. Wearing yoga pants with full briefs looks unsightly. If you wear your pants in public or around the home, you need to make the effort by putting on a good fitting thong. If you do not like wearing thongs you could also wear nothing under your yoga pants.


4. Ensure Your Yoga Pants Can Breathe


The manufacturers that are more focused on fashion, for some obscure reason and selling these pants which are made from materials that do not allow your skin to breathe. When buying your own pair ensure you stay away from the plastic un-ventilated leggings as they will make you sweat profusely and they are not good for the skin. Make sure that your yoga pants are purchased from a reliable and well-known manufacturer that specializes in gym attire.


5. Guys Should Never Wear Yoga Pants


Men should never attempt to wear a tight pair of yoga pants unless they are a ballet dancer. With the yoga practitioners that keep on growing mostly in the urban areas, especially ladies between the age of 15 and 45, the yoga clothes have extended beyond just the ashram. And because the majority of yoga styles are stretchy and body-fitting, these styles are not just worn by the yoga enthusiasts.


It is important that you choose colors that suit your skin tone and make sure the pants are thick enough to cover issues such as cellulite.




Hi, my name is Sam and I’m writing a new blog about my problems with Yoga Pants. I don’t know about you, but I can never find a pair that fit me perfectly or a pair that effectively hide my cellulite. It’s a pain in the ass!

I will try to update this blog as often as I can.

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